We hate the environment getting trashed, too.


You know it. We do too. Neither one of us needs a "rocket scientist" to tell us. Our environment is treated like a sewer. It's getting trashed.

The signs are everywhere and heartbreaking to see. Like Bald Eagles with livers contaminated by toxic chemicals. Bees disappearing at staggering rates. And nearly every urban stream in the U.S. polluted with enough pesticides to threaten fish and other aquatic life.

The clock is ticking, as billions of pounds of harmful chemicals and trash keep getting dumped into our environment each year.

We're getting poisoned in the process. And it's NOT acceptable.

We've got one option:

To stay strong and fight back - harder. We need to win against this pollution for ourselves, our families, and kids. It's more important than ever to band together to protect our earth.

So we created River Hugger bar soap to provide extra help to some of the heroes fighting to rid our planet of this pollution. And dedicated River Hugger to those defending the great Potomac River.

This isn't just a promise to you. It's our passion.

Clean yourself, clean the river.

At River Hugger, we give 25 percent of our profits to groups working on this cause. Plus, do everything we can ourselves to speak up for the Potomac.

And what about the soap?

It’s a miracle product.

OK. You're not gonna catch us making a bunch of wild claims - like River Hugger will improve your singing in the shower or whisk you away into some kind of therapeutic, relaxing trance in the bathtub.

But River Hugger lets you save the planet just by lathering up your armpits. Now, THAT’S  a miracle.

Plus, River Hugger contains high-quality, certified organic ingredients.

They’ll give you something ECO-FABULOUS with a smooth, creamy lather to use on your body. While benefiting a spectacular river that also provides drinking water for over 4 million people.

That probably won't help you sing better. But at least gives you something to sing about. Hey, is that some 'O Sole Mio' we're hearing already?


Come meet our Organic ingredients.


Can you imagine a bar soap dedicated to helping protect a natural wonder like the Potomac, not made with land-friendly and water-friendly organic ingredients?

We can't either. What kind of a company would make that? (Hmm, could it rhyme with Shmonshanto?)

The first River Hugger bar soap is made from Organic Palm and Organic Coconut Oils. We included Organic Olive Oil and Organic/Fair Trade Shea Butter. And used only organic essential oils to give our soap a refreshing Basil, Citrus, Sage scent.

River Hugger soap comes in a large 5oz size and has a smooth, creamy lather. It's also Triple Milled, a soap-making process that makes for a longer lasting bar.

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Bottom line: Soap is soap.
Ours smells nice, cleans you, and helps clean the environment.
The one other claim we can make is that it makes a statement in your shower:
Hello world. I’m a River Hugger.


She makes our eyes pop.


Who’s she? She’s the Potomac. (We don’t know for sure that she’s a “she” - in today’s gender-fluid world, who can say. But we’ll go with it.)

We’re fanatical about her. We'll argue with anybody to say that the Potomac is the most beautiful, free-flowing river running through an urban area in the United States. She's jaw-droppingly gorgeous.

As card-carrying river huggers, she’s our favorite river to hug.

But how clean is she?

Being a natural wonder is nice and all. But, um....we think the gorgeous Potomac (no offense, Potomac) could be cleaner. Like, squeaky clean. ‘Cause millions of us in the D.C. Metro area rely on this great river for our water.

It's our life blood - literally.

But this probably won't come as a shocker to you.

The Potomac is still on the receiving end of lots of garbage and chemical contaminants from sources including agricultural operations, urban runoff, industrial discharges, and even sewage spills.

It's a lot of gross gross stuff (yes, even crap) going into the Potomac - a disgusting, complex mixture of pesticides and other contaminants that's even messing with the health of fish.

Which means it can't be ideal for the health of people, either.

And we ain't planning on putting up with it no more.

Gorgeous and filthy doesn’t cut it. Not for our river.

So our mission at River Hugger is to stand behind and provide support to the groups at the front lines trying to stop this pollution and restore the health of the Potomac. And the rivers and streams flowing into it. Later on, rivers around the country.

Your purchases of River Hugger will make a difference for the heroes working each day to defend this great river. And, of course, for people who use water (newsflash: that’s everyone).

Learn more about the groups we'll support >


Let's make a difference!
With soap!